GMHS Class of 1965

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Scott Sager

Message From the '65 Class Representative:

We will do another 5 year all class reunion in June 2009.
Mark your calendars!


The picture of our classmates was taken at the 50th Reunion in June 1999. From left to right beginning with the front row: Kathy Allan, Yvonne Walton, Nancy Roe, Cindy Mummery, Sandy Smoot, Janet Longerbeam, & Kathy Cruise; Second Row: Carol Jensen, Brenda Warner, Jean Mongole, Marty Sik, Susan Dexter, Kathi Edwards, Jim Hull, & Steve Hurt; Third Row: Patty McCrocklin, Scott Sager, Bunky Owen, Carl Briggs, Mike O'Loughlin, Tug Muilenburg, John Romer, & Paul Tvelia.
(We had more classmates at the Friday Open House but either they were camera shy or we failed to round them up at the appointed time. There were also new faces at the State Theater on that Saturday and at the picnic on Sunday - all-in-all a fine turnout - thanks!)